“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” -Hafiz

In a world of 8 billion people, loneliness is an epidemic. How did we get here? Despite the fact that we are more electronically connected than ever, we are more disconnected from the world around us. The Joyful Path’s mission is to build a community that together encourages and inspires people—particularly children—to discover, experience, cultivate, embrace, and share the joy of their unique gifts with the world. When you view the world with curiosity, wonder, and awe, it is much harder to lose your sense of being a part of that world and wanting to know, understand, and explore even when it feels scary or unfamiliar. You feel more responsible for yourself and those around you and begin to embody the African philosophy of ubuntu — I am because we are. In India, you are greeted with Namaste — “the divinity in me recognizes and honors the divinity in you”. In other words, I see you. What do we all want in this life? To be seen, heard, understood, and valued for who we are. And because we are inherently compassionate human beings, we want to do the same for others.

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